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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How to Back Up Your Skype Contacts?

A Popular Video Chat program!
backup skype contacts
Skype is a world wide chat program anymore and millions of users are using Skype. There are many features that you can use in this program and it’s very safe and easy to use. However there are a few people who loses their contacts when they change to computer. Especially it happens to users who doesn’t use new version of this messenger.

Backup Skype Contacts?
If you use 5.0v of Skype or higher you won’t need to back up your contacts. Your contacts will be loaded whenever you open your Skype account in any computer. But if you use lower versions than v5.0, you should back up for contacts.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How to Send Video Message on Skype?

Available With Latest Version of Skype!
If you are using the latest version of Skype, you will able to use an awesome and incredible feature of this messenger. It’s completely free to use and you won’t need any other tool for using this feature.

With new update of Skype, people able to send video messages with Skype. If you don’t know how to send it we are going to tell you how to use this feature.